We sell the full eCo range of products from MiTek

eCo Fasteners are timber and steel fastening devices that provide strong and rigid connections to any building structured in which they are applied. The use of the appropriate fastener in the correct manner not only ensures strong connections, but also the structural integrity of building.

100% compatible with Ultra Span, our light gauge steel truss system, eCo fasteners are uniquely designed, durable, and easy to use and load tested for their respective application.

Available in over 800 hardware stores nationwide and used by over 160 licenced MiTek fabricators, eCo fasteners are ideal for South African conditions but are also extensively used in other parts of the world.

Accompanied by technical specifications and backup support from our dedicated teams of experienced professional will find these fasteners offer multiple solutions and produce the safest connections of any building systems.

eCo Fasteners are setting the benchmark in timber and steel construction.

Ultra-Span (light gauge steel) is easy to assemble – using an electric screwdriver and self taping screws. The profiles are supplied in lengths that are cut to size.

It’s very economical to transport, light weight and compact, one container can contain up to 5000m² of roofing.

A fully supported design package is available. It’s suitable for large spans up to 40 metres. Its also fully compatible with our MiTek steel framing system.


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